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Looking for the best Forex system can be a bit challenging with thousands of different products to choose from. While we have not tried everything out there, these are the 5 best systems that we've found.

Just to clarify, this is a listing of all types of systems. It could include Forex software, Forex trade signals, or manual Forex trading systems. This is by no means comprehensive of every product on the market and it is subject to change. We'll always be testing out new systems and new products and if we find something that is awesome, we'll update the list and let you know about it. Here are the top 5.

1. Forex Morning Trade

Forex Morning Trade is pretty tough to beat. It's really a manual system, but the developer programmed the strategy into an expert advisor so you can trade it that way if you don't want to get up early and trade.

best forex system

It trades in the morning (who would've guessed that?) and you can set it to trade two or three times on some mornings. We've tried it out and it has worked well for us. Obviously, this doesn't mean that it's always going to work as the Forex market is always changing, but it's working right now. If it ain't broke...don't try to fix it. (Update): This EA isn't available anymore unless you buy the EA Wizard program by the same guy. It is definitely a worthy program as well, so check it out.

2. Sniper Forex

This is a manual system that uses a few indicators installed on your MT4 platform. We like it because it's simple and it really works. The main drawback with it is that you have to have a large account balance to really make it worth your time. If you have the discipline to trade it all the time for only a few dollars per trade, it really can work. Otherwise, you need to have some real money to make a decent amount of profit per trade.

3. WDFX Signal Service

Obviously this is a signal service and from what we've found, it works pretty well. This is another one that you really need some big money to make it worth your time. With WDFX, you have to pay an ongoing subscription, so the winnings have to overcome the monthly cost. Otherwise, they know what they're doing and are a very reputable company to work with.

4. Smart Trader by Windsor Park Forex

This is a piece of software that plugs into your Metatrader platform. It is a bit of a polarizing issue as some people love it and some people hate it. I've seen it work almost magically at times and then I've seen it blow up accounts as well. They have continued to develop and hone the strategy over the years and it appears like they've got the right settings figured out now. In the past, they didn't use a stop loss, which meant you could easily blow up your account. Now they have stop loss settings and they use some very conservative settings that allow the strategies to work. Plus, we like the fact that you can try out a demo account for free and see how it works.

5. Steady Winner EA

The Steady Winner EA is one that almost seems too good to be true at first glance. It only costs $28 and it is somehow profitable. So basically, you can forego one meal at a pretty cheap restaurant for you and your significant other and get a piece of software that can make you money consistently.

The cool thing is, this isn't like a basic version and then you have to pay so much per month for the real deal. This is the robot and it really does work. A lot of people have used it successfully and it doesn't use much risk. For $28, you really can't go wrong. If it doesn't work out, you can just remind yourself that it's basically like paying to watch a bad movie and chalk it up as a loss.

The absolute best Forex system might still be out there. This list is limited to our knowledge and there probably are some awesome systems still out there to find. If you know of the best Forex system and it's not on this list, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll check it out.

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