Foreign Currency Exchange Chicago

If you're in the market for a foreign currency exchange, Chicago offers a number of options for you to choose from. The Windy City is no stranger to currency trading. They have many foreign currency exchange locations throughout the city that could be of use. Here are some of the top places to check out if you're in Shakaka...oh sorry about that. Just had a Ace Ventura flashback there for a second.

One Chicago

One option to consider is One Chicago. This is an actual exchange that trades stocks, futures, commodities and Forex. If you're interested in currency trading for speculative purposes, this is a good place to check out in Chicago.

foreign currency exchange chicago

You can download a trading platform and trade online or you can call in your orders by phone. To trade this exchange, you'll have to open an account with a broker that is affiliated with it.

World's Money Exchange

World's Money Exchange is another good one to check out. With this particular company, you can trade or currencies as well as precious metals for a fee. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and offer a number of payment methods so that you can trade the currencies you want, when you want.

This is one that you can actually visit in person if you are in Chicago and you need to exchange currencies.

Other Options

Besides the first two companies listed, you can also find several other options for trading currencies. For example, if you're arriving by airport, you can find a few different currency exchange shops there. Small currency exchange stations are also positioned throughout the city for convenience. Most large banks also offer this type of service for a nominal fee.

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