Foreign Currency Exchange Locations

Various foreign currency exchange locations play a role in the Forex market on a daily basis. Find out where Forex trading sessions take place and how they impact you.

Trading Sessions

When you hear about trading sessions, you might be thinking to yourself, "Wait a second! You told me that the Forex market was a 24 hour market! What are you tryin' to pull here?"

While this is a valid concern (kind of) you can technically have both at the same time. Various trading sessions take place in major financial centers around the world. However, as a retail trader, you can access the market through your broker at any time, Monday through Friday. During the various trading sessions, more traders in actual exchanges are getting their Forex on. That doesn't mean that you can't do the same whenever the mood strikes you.

Trading Times

Since the financial centers of the world are all located in different areas and time zones, they have different trading times. The Forex market hours for one trading center will not be the same as they are for another center.

Major Sessions

While there are many Forex trading sessions that go on around the world, the majority of trades take place during a few sessions.

foreign currency exchange locations

The London, New York, Tokyo and Sydney sessions are the four biggest in the market. During these sessions, you'll find much more volume in the market.

Why It's Important

Since you can trade all the time, you might be asking yourself, "If I can trade anytime, why would I care what Nigel from the UK is doing at 2 in the morning?" You know your online broker is where to exchange foreign currency and it doesn't really affect you that much, does it?

Well, you might not care, but if you're smart, you'll pay attention to who is trading at particular times. The currencies that are tied to the trading sessions tend to move much more during those times. For example, during the London session, any pairs with the GBP attached move more. During the U.S. session the US dollar tends to move a lot. If you pay attention, you can catch the trend and make out with some serious pippage.

Return From Foreign Currency Exchange Locations to Forex Market

Return From Foreign Currency Exchange Locations to Forex Trading

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