Foreign Currency Exchange Los Angeles

When you need a foreign currency exchange Los Angeles isn't the easiest place to find one, but there are a number of options for you to choose from. If you are traveling from another country, Los Angeles is a popular place to initially come into the United States. Because of this, you may need to exchange your currency for US Dollars as quickly as possible once you arrive. If that's the case, you have a few different options in front of you. And no, I wouldn't recommend trading money with that guy in the alley across the street from LAX.

At the Airport

One of the easiest foreign currency exchange locations to find is at the airport. When you need to engage in some currency trading, the easiest place to do it is at the airport.

Foreign Currency Exchange Los Angeles

As soon as you arrive, you'll see a few different places that you can trade your money. While this is the most convenient option, it is often not the cheapest option. It's kind of like buying a soda at Disney World. They know they've got you and they can afford to charge $8. If you're at the airport, they know that you may need to trade currencies quickly before you leave the country. Therefore, they typically charge a premium for this service. You might want to explore some of your other options as long as you have enough money to get around the city first.

World Bank Notes

World Bank Notes is another foreign exchange company that you may want to check out. They have dealings in up to 90 different foreign currencies at any given time. This means that regardless of where you're from, you should be able to exchange your money for dollars to use in the country. They are located in downtown Los Angeles so this is a convenient spot for many travelers who come into the city.


AFEX is another one that you may want to check out in the area. They are located in Beverly Hills and they offer a pretty large inventory for many currencies. They will also buy foreign traveler's checks and give you payment for them if that's all you happen to have with you on your trip and you need cash.

Bretton Woods

Another want to check out in the Los Angeles area is Bretton Woods. They offer very competitive pricing and they are located right in Los Angeles on San Vicente Boulevard. They offer many different currencies for exchange.

Making Money

While this type of trading is primarily for travelers, did you know that you can actually make money trading currencies? I know...crazy, right? That's actually what the majority of this site is about. If you think that sounds pretty cool, you should check out our definition of foreign exchange or Guide to Forex Trading so that you can see how this whole thing works. Also, if you enjoyed this article about foreign currency exchange Los Angeles basics, feel free to share the site with your friends through the social networking buttons below. Thanks for dropping by FTR!

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