Foreign Exchange Forum

Are you looking for an interesting foreign exchange forum to hang out in? If you're a newbie Forex trader, hanging around with other traders online can be extremely beneficial. You'll be able to check out strategies and see what others have to say about new trading systems. You can also learn how to use indicators and what brokers are truly the best. If you're looking for some good forums, here are some of the best that we've come across.

Donna Forex Forum

Perhaps the best Forex forum in all the land is the Donna Forex Forum. Named after its creator, Donna Forex, it is full of some of the nicest and best traders around. By the way, I'm pretty sure Donna Forex's last name isn't actually Forex in case you're wondering.

In the forum, she has a section for commercial expert advisors, brokers, free and paid Forex strategies, signal services, free expert advisors and a lot more. She even regularly participates in the forums, so you can sometimes get issues addressed from a professional Forex trader. Regardless of whether you're a rookie just getting started with Forex trading or you're a seasoned veteran, you can probably find something good here.

Trade 2 Win

The Trade 2 Win forum is another good one that you should check out. It has been around for a long time and it has hundreds of members. If you're looking for anything about the Forex market, you can most likely find it here. You can sign up for a free membership and get the scoop on all of the latest trading strategies and systems.

Forex Factory

Forex Factory is another good one to investigate. Forex Factory is generally known for their extremely useful economic calendar, but they also have some darn good forums. They have a lot of active members and a lot of them provide interesting technical analysis.

They also have a section of trading journals where traders can post their latest trades so others can track them. If you want to see how other traders trade, this is the place to be.

Getting Involved

Once you've found a good foreign exchange forum, don't hesitate to get involved! They're all free and simple to join. Once you join up, introduce yourself and start posting. Nobody can bite you through the computer, so you don't be afraid.

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