Foreign Exchange Rate Forecast

Use our foreign exchange rate forecast to gauge when to get into the market. This type of forecast can aid significantly in making your Forex trading decisions. Use the forecast below for any currency pair that you are considering trading to see if you should jump in the pool or stay on the side for a while.

How it Works

This tool is very simple to use and you should pick it up in no time. As you can see, it's pretty self-explanatory. On the tool, you will find a few different sections that can come in handy.

foreign exchange rate forecast

The first section tells you the general trend of the market. If you see a down arrow, guess what that means...that's right!

It means the market is heading down. You are good. Really good.

The next section tells you the relative volatility of the market. If the volatility is low, you should not expect much action. When the volatility is high, you should be prepared for some major moves.

The future chart gives you an idea of what to expect in the near future. The price range tells you what you should expect in the way of pip movement from this pair.

By Currency Trading

Using the Forecast

Anytime you are using a Forex currency market report such as this one, you need to take it with a grain of salt. Use this forecast the same way that you would use a weather forecast. The weatherman can generally tell you what will happen within a certain amount of likelihood. For example, he'll give you percentages of how likely it is to rain tomorrow. You'll see some ranges for the high and low temperatures.

With this type of market forecast, you'll get some general information that can help you decide what to do. You're not going to get exact entry and exit points into the market like a signal system.

WIth that being said, sometimes the market forecast can get it completely wrong. It will say that the market is moving down and then it will reverse and shoot up 200 pips. If that happens, do not punch your computer screen in the location of the forecast widget. Sometimes the weather man tells you it's going to be sunny and it rains for six hours straight.

If you are trying to learn to day trade Forex or you are involved in auto Forex trading, it can be a valuable tool to use. Just don't go out and bet the farm on what it tells you.

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