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If you are seriously considering Forex auto trading, using a virtual private server is a must. What is a virtual private server? I'm so glad you asked. A virtual private server or VPS is a dedicated server that you can use to trade your Forex expert advisors. Here are the basics of the VPS and how to set one up.

Virtual Private Server

If you spend any amount time pursuing Forex auto trading, you will quickly see many advertisements for virtual private servers. Many companies offer these servers and they can actually be quite beneficial. With this type of system, you can upload your Forex robot to the server and trade via a remote connection. You can access the trading platform from a link on your desktop. It is basically like having access to another computer from your own computer.

forex auto trading vps

I know it sounds a little complicated and high-tech for some, but it really can be quite simple.

Why a VPS?

If this is your first time hearing about using a VPS for Forex auto trading, you may think that you don't need one. This is a common reaction and it is well-founded. However, I'm here to tell you that it would most likely be a good idea to get one. Why? Imagine that you are having a great week trading a new Forex auto trading robot that you just found. With this particular system, you do not have to do anything. The Forex robot opens and closes every trade for you at just the right moment. You leave it on while you are sleeping one night and let it do its thing. After all, this is the dream of expert advisors right? You can make money while you sleep (or at least that's what every sales page for a Forex system tells you).

The next morning you wake up and come back to your computer to find out that Windows did some updates for you conveniently in the middle of the night when you couldn't possibly need your computer to be on. When it did this, it shut down all of the programs that were running for you. Unfortunately, when it chose to update, one of your trades was in profit. Then when the computer shut down, your expert advisor was no longer available to close the trade for you. The market reversed and you lost your entire account. I'm sure you'd be completely fine and say, "Oh well, I'll get 'em next time!"

Yeah, right.

You would probably proceed to throw your computer monitor across the room shouting a few profanities along the way. If you would've only been using a virtual private server for your trading, you could've avoided this catastrophe.

VPS Companies

When you start looking around for a VPS company, you will notice that there are many of them out there to choose from. Before you choose one, make sure that you are dealing with a quality outfit. We would recommend Forex VPS as the best company to go with. They really are a cut above the rest and most people have no complaints against them. If you choose the wrong VPS, you could run into the same problem that you had with your own computer mentioned in the last section. You need a VPS that will always be up and running when you need it.

VPS Setup

When you choose a VPS and you are ready to get started Forex auto trading, you will have to go through the process of setting it up first. Most companies will provide you with information that outlines the process of getting started. Many companies will include the Metatrader platform on your new server so that you can simply login and start trading. You can also get online through your new platform and download the appropriate trading platform for you.

If you are using a Forex robot that you bought online, you should be able to access the download page from the Internet browser on your VPS. Then download the software and have the installer put it into the trading platform for you.

If you are using a custom expert advisor or you have the software save on your computer, you can also upload it to the VPS. This is a slightly more involved process, but it can be done by anyone. Your VPS provider should have detailed instructions on how to upload files from your home computer. You will simply have to go to the appropriate place on the administrative side of your VPS. Then you will have to click "Browse" and select the appropriate file to upload. You think you can handle that? Of course you can. You've been uploading YouTube videos for years now, right? It's basically the same idea without the dancing babies or prank videos.

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