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Commission Structures

In this Forex broker comparison, we look at many different factors, such as the different ways that you could be charged a commission from the various online brokers in the market. If you're a rookie in the Forex market, you might be thinking, "Wait a minute! I thought we didn't have to pay commissions with some brokers." While this is technically true, you are still paying your broker in one way or another, regardless of whether they call it "commissions" or not.

Here is a handy reference chart that you can scroll through to compare some of the brokers available in the market.

Fixed Forex Spread

One way that you could potentially pay your broker is by using a fixed Forex spread. With this approach, you know exactly how much the spread is on each transaction that you make. For example, on the GBP/USD pair, when you make a trade, you might have to give them 2 pips.

forex broker comparison

These types of brokers will give you a resource that you can use to see the spreads on each currency pair. With a fixed spread broker, the spreads are always the same, regardless of what is actually going on in the market.

Variable Spreads

Another structure that Forex brokers use is the variable spread method. With this type of commission structure, you pay a variable spread that fluctuates with market conditions. For example, sometimes the spread on the GBP/USD pair is 1.6 and at other times its 2.4.

With discount a broker, you have to look at your trading platform at the time of the trade to see what the spread is.

Commission Brokers

While most Forex brokerage firms use some type of spread for compensation, other online brokers use a commission structure. With this type of compensation structure, the broker charges you a percentage of the spread on each trade.

With this approach, you might only have to pay a fraction of a pip towards the broker and then your order is passed along to a larger firm that puts it into the market.

Which is Better?

There is not always a set answer as to which type of broker would be better for your trading. While many newbies think that the fixed spread brokers might be the best, this is not necessarily the case. You might be able to pay less in transaction costs by using a commissioned broker.

Before choosing a broker, you need to get a demo account and see what their spreads are at any given moment. Some will advertise small spreads, but when it comes time to trade, their spreads are actually a little larger.

Look at the details of each broker you are considering before making a decision. By doing a simple Forex broker comparison on the commission structures of each one, you can see which one would be the best option for you. Each broker should have detailed information on how they are paid, which you can access before opening an account

While the amount of money that you have to pay in transaction costs is not the only factor for you to value a when choosing a Forex broker, it should definitely play a role in your decision.

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