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MIG Bank Review

If you're looking for a quality Forex brokerage firm, MIG FX has to be in the conversation. They are one of the premier brokers in the industry and they really have a lot to offer Forex traders of all kinds. Learn what they have to offer in this MIG Bank review.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Safety of Funds: 10/10

Customer Service: 10/10

Convenience: 9/10

Tools: 9/10

Execution: 10/10

Minimum Account Size: $2000

MIG Bank Review

MIG Bank is one of the best brokers for you to consider if you are a professional Forex trader. If you are a newbie, which many on this site are, this might not be the best broker to go with.

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The minimum account size to open an account with MIG Bank is $2,000. This is also for a standard account and they do not offer mini or micro accounts. This means that you will probably be better off going with someone like FXDD or if you are interested in getting a smaller account. With MIG, you really need to have a lot of money to invest before you can do any good. Although, on the other hand they do allow you to download a demo account and try your strategies on their platform.

Spreads and Execution

If you haven't of the institutional trader or you have a large amount of money to invest, MIG can give you a really nice place to trade the Forex market. They have some very nice spreads on most pairs and they also have good execution.

Safety of Funds

This is considered to be one of the safest brokers around because they are big and they are located in Switzerland. When it comes to Forex, cheese, chocolate and Army knives, the Swiss definitely know what they're doing. You should feel no apprehension about keeping your money with this particular broker.

With some online brokers, this is definitely not the case and you might be scared giving your money to them. MIG Bank allows you to make deposits with a wire transfer or with credit cards, which makes for a pretty seamless process.

The Verdict

We would recommend this broker above many other Forex brokers if you have the money to invest. If you are just getting started, this is probably not the broker for you. Go with a broker that allows mini accounts and get your feet wet. Then when you are a master Forex trader and you have investment capital to burn, come back to MIG Bank.

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