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Alpari UK is one of the more well-known forex brokerage firms in the industry today. They have solid customer service, convenient funding methods and they have pretty much everything you need to succeed in Forex trading. Here are a few things to consider about this broker.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Safety of Funds: 10/10

Customer Service: 10/10

Convenience: 9/10

Tools: 9/10

Execution: 9/10

Minimum Account Size: $200

Forex Broker Review

Alpari has several brokerages around the world and Alpari UK is one of the most popular brokers in the world. With the issues that came about with the NFA in the past, many United States customers went there for a brief period until the NFA disallowed doing so.

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For traders outside the U.S. this is still a popular broker.

You can get started with a minimum of $200. This gives you the ability to get started trading, but don't expect to make much money with such a small deposit. We would advise you to wait until you have a little bit more money to get started.

Execution on Alpari UK has always been solid and you should be able to get your orders filled pretty much all the time. In high volume periods, there may be a slight delay on orders being filled. They also offer leverage of up to 500:1 which can come in handy with some trading strategies that requires a lot of free margin.

This particular broker is regulated by the FSA so you should feel relatively safe about working with them. Your money is safe and you can count on getting it when you put in a withdrawal request.

The pip spreads on Alpari UK are good compared to some of the other Forex brokers out there. On most of the major currency pairs, you can get fractional spreads that are less than 1 full pip.

When looking at foreign exchange brokers, you may be interested in finding out if they use a dealing desk or not. When a broker uses a dealing desk, it means they are essentially trading against you on every trade. With Alpari UK, they do not use a dealing desk which means that it does not hurt them when you win.

Overall, we would highly recommend Alpari UK for your Forex trading needs. Unless of course you live in the United which case you'll have to trade with Alpari US.

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