Forex Club Review

Forex Club is a broker that is located in the United States and has been around since 2000. If you are interested in this particular broker, you definitely need to do your homework before signing up for an account. Here are a few things to consider about this foreign exchange broker.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Safety of Funds: 8/10

Customer Service: 8/10

Convenience: 6/10

Tools: 6/10

Execution: 8/10

Minimum Account Size: $10

Forex Broker Review

When it comes to choosing Forex brokers, you want to find one that have low spreads, good customer service, a trading platform that you like and convenience. Well with this particular broker you'll find...very few of these things.

forex club

The good thing about this broker is that they have been in business for quite a while now and they appear to be legit. When you deposit your money, you do not have to worry about them closing down their website and running to the Caribbean.

On the downside, they have poor execution on their trades according to many traders. They offset this with no slippage on trades, but if you cannot get into a trade it really doesn't matter that much. They also offer some decent Forex spreads on most currency pairs.

Another potential problem with this broker is that they do not offer the Metatrader platform. Seriously? I mean why wouldn't you offer that at this point? That's like offering a line of cars and then only making them available in fuscia. I mean why not offer the platform that everyone knows?

When it comes to depositing money with this broker, you can use credit cards, wire transfer or a check.

At least they have a cool name, right? Forex club? It's like an exclusive club that you have to know someone to get into. The only problem is when you get in there, they only play Britney Spears and the bar only serves Darby Vodka. Nothing to mix it with...just Darby.

The Verdict

Ok, we might have gone a little over the top with that example, but you get the point. These guys are your average, run-of-the-mill broker from the United States. And really, if you're not from the US, would you ever open a Forex account there? Of course you wouldn't. You could probably do just as good or better somewhere else.

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