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When searching for Forex courses online, you may come across a program known as Rapid Forex. The site and training programs are created by Brian Campbell, who claims to be one of the world's first Forex teachers. If you've been looking at this product, you undoubtedly have a lot to consider. Here are a few factors to think about before buying this training program.

Rapid Forex

So what exactly is Rapid Forex? It's a site that offers training programs, strategies and resources related to the Forex market. They sell a program known as the Forex Ladder that is supposed to be able to get you at least 100 pips per week with only 10 minutes of trading each day.

According to the results on his site, it actually averaged over 200 pips per week. You simply look at the information that is presented on your chart and then make a decision about whether you are trading for that day.

forex courses

The trading course is designed to teach this specific strategy. You can also sign-up for a free ecourse that teaches you the basics of Forex trading.


If you decide to purchase the Forex Ladder program, you will pay $495 for access. This gives you everything you need to learn the strategy. You will also need capital to invest with a Forex broker so that you can begin trading the Forex market.

The Verdict

At first glance, Rapid Forex seems to be a pretty legitimate website. He's got over 20,000 followers on Twitter and over 700 "Likes" on Facebook. It starts to make you think that he really knows what he is doing and is on the "up and up." However, if you take the time to do any research, you quickly start to see that this guy has some issues surrounding him.

Looking at Forex Peace Army, you can see that the site has several complaints against it. Some of them are pretty serious as in people paid large sums of money for training and never got anything. Apparently this guy disappeared and stopped marketing for a certain amount time after scamming people in the past and then started selling more training as of 2010.

We'll go ahead and give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe those allegations are false. It's not like he's doing any prison time, obviously. He may be a good guy and a talented Forex trader. However, when you've been accused of something so many times, it starts to make you wonder. If the training program was $50 or less, I'd say try it out and see what happens. It's like rolling the dice at the craps table. However, when you've got to drop $500 just to play, you start to think about it a little bit more. This is obviously not a reputable Forex trading school compared to some of the other outfits that are in the market. Proceed with these Forex classes at your own risk.

Another problem is that the course only seems to teach one single strategy. You don't exactly get a lot for your money when it comes to learning how to trade the market as a whole like other Forex courses can provide.

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