Forex Demo Account

Trading a Forex demo account is an essential step in the process of becoming a successful trader. This type of account is offered by nearly all Forex brokers and it is very important that you become familiar with this type of account before going live.

Demo Accounts

A Forex demo account is a type of account that provides you with full access to the Forex market. When you use this type of account, you can do almost anything that you would normally be able to do with an account. The only difference between a regular account and a demo account is in the kind of money that you are trading. With a demo account, you basically are trading "Monopoly money."

It's all about practicing and trading play money with this type of account. With a regular account, you have to trade your own money.

Practicing Strategies

When you want to try out a new strategy, the demo account can be extremely beneficial. With this type of account, you can try out the strategy for an extended period of time before actually risking your own money. When you are unsure of whether a strategy actually works, it is usually a good idea to use a Forex demo account before you risk your money. In fact, it is a good idea to try out any strategy on a demo account for a while even if you are very confident in it. Until you can be profitable with a demo account, there is no reason to believe that you will be profitable with a real account.

Forex Brokers

With most Forex brokers, you can download a demo account relatively painlessly. Most brokers only require you to fill in your email address and name and then you can download the software. Some of them don't even go that far. Once you download the software, you will have access to the same trading platform that you will use when you go live. With most brokers, this is the Metatrader software that is pretty much standard in the Forex market.


When you are trying out strategies that rely on fast execution and having a certain spread on each trade, you should note that demo accounts can vary from actual accounts. Since your order is not actually being processed into the market, you will never have any issues with immediate execution. The spreads can sometimes be different on the demo account as well. For example, if you are testing out a piece of Forex software (and we highly recommend that you do) you need to account for these differences before going live.

Opening an Account

If you're interested in opening a demo account, click on the banner below and visit the Cashback Forex site. You can open demo accounts with most of the brokers in their program. Then when you're ready to trade for real, you can open an account and start making money. Through their program, you get a percentage back on each trade that you make. With some of the brokers, the percentages are pretty darn good. We're not talking about credit card reward points here where you need to spend a million dollars to get your plane ticket. These rebates can add up FAST. So click on the banner below to find out more or to open an account.

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