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One piece of Forex forecast software to consider is TradeMiner by Gecko Software. With this one, you can mine through mountains of data with the click of a pick axe, flashlights or canaries required. Unless, of course, you like to trade the market with those things. If that's the case, then by all means, don't let me stop you.

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Ease of Use: 9/10

Reliability: 10/10

Customer Service: 9/10

Price: $97

Product Information

How it Works

This particular piece of foreign exchange software works in a way that I haven't seen before. This software isn't an expert advisor, like many of the other products on the market. Instead, it is a stand-alone Forex forecast software program that you download to your computer and use separately from your trading platform.

The purpose of this Forex forecast software is not to trade the market for you. It is a program that mines through years of data to help you identify the best potential times to trade the market. You use it in conjunction with other indicators or systems to help you out the bad trades. It's basically a tool that helps you with Forex fundamental analysis. While most indicators are nothing but technical indicators, this Forex forecast software actually looks at historical data to give you another angle to evaluate.

What it Does

I've used this Forex forecast software for a while and I can say that it is really helpful and easy to use. When you pull up the program, you get a simple interface that asks you for a few basic inputs. For example, it asks you to enter how many years of information you want to mine through and on which day's records to look at. It asks you for the winning percentage that you want to look for as well.

For example, you could choose to look at the historical records for February 13 for the last 10 years and look for trades that have a 90% likelihood of winning. Within a few seconds, TradeMiner spits out some data about trades that fit these criteria. It gives you a list of trades with the currency pair, average win and maximum loss. It also sorts them by how certain the system is about the trades. You can then examine these results and compare them to your technical indicators to see if you should actually take a trade.

forex trademiner

Why it Works

The way I understand it, the Forex market tends to work in patterns. At certain times of the year, the currency pairs tend to behave similarly to how they behaved in previous years. In some extreme cases, this does not happen. For instance, shortly after Japan's earthquake, any pairs with the Japanese yen in them went haywire for a while. However, when you're in the middle of a year that's not that different from others, the currency pairs in the market tend to behave in certain ways.

By looking at what a currency pair did in the past, you can start to predict what will happen in the market now. Using this type of Forex forecast software gives you a chance to get a general idea about which direction the market is headed. It's not quite as good as a crystal ball, but it works pretty well.

The Developer

One of my favorite things about this particular product is the developer. Gecko Software isn't like one of those fly-by-night operations operating out of a basement somewhere in the Caribbean. They've actually been involved in the financial industry for over 20 years. When I had questions about the software, I didn't get some customer service rep out of Uzbekistan. I got an email from the President of the company, Lan Turner. Now, I'm not saying that he can always respond personally to everyone, but it's nice to know that he is highly involved in the success and image of his company.

It's pretty refreshing in this "I want to fleece people for their last dollar" climate that we live in today. Once you get the software, they have a number of resources that you can use like a manual and videos to watch, which will get you up to speed.

TradeMiner not only is available for Forex, but they also have a version for the stock market and for the futures market. If you like the Forex version, you may want to diversify your trading and get the stock or futures versions as well.

The Verdict

If you're serious about trading and making money, this is an invaluable tool to have in your lineup. If you already have a system that you use to make money, this one can work in conjunction with it to increase its winning percentage. You can effectively out some of the crappy trades that you take because your technical indicators tell you to.

The software will cost you $97 and it comes with a money-back guarantee.

Special Deal From Forex Trading Rookie

If you're considering purchasing this piece of software anyway, I'm going to sweeten the pot a bit for you. If you'll click the link above and buy Trademiner, I'm going to give you a couple of extra bonuses that you won't find anywhere else.

Bonus #1 - A cash rebate of $12. That's right. I'm going to share a part of the commision that I make from the sale with you. As soon as the return period has passed, I'll send you a direct payment through PayPal for $12.

Bonus #2 - The second bonus is something that you might think is a little unorthodox for buying a Forex product, but it's awesome nevertheless.

beach picture

If you buy through my link, I'll send you a voucher for a free 3 day/2 night vacation to one of several popular travel destinations. Yes, you'll get free hotel accomodations at places like Las Vegas, Hawaii and Florida.

The only thing you have to pay to use the voucher is a $12 processing fee and room taxes. With the $12 that I'm sending you, you'll just have to pony up for the taxes on your room. Not bad, huh?

In summary, you buy Trademiner and get a high-quality piece of Forex forecast software. You also get a $12 cash rebate and a free vacation without any additional costs. You don't have to go on a lame timeshare tour or give up your first-born or anything like that. It's really a good deal to take advantage of.

What to Do

If you want to take advantage of this deal and get the three things I just mentioned, just click on the link to buy and complete your purchase. Shoot me an email with your transaction ID, name and address. After the refund period has passed, I'll send you a payment through PayPal and mail you a voucher for the vacation. It's really that simple. Get started right now.

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