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This is a review of Forex managed who offer Forex managed accounts , so if you don’t have the time or experience to trade yourself, then you can get a professional forex trader to trade your account on your behalf while still retaining full control over your own account.

If you are a forex newbie you might not yet realise how difficult it is to learn how to trade. There is at least a 5-year steep learning curve and even then, most new traders lose their entire account within 90 days! This is a sad but true fact! So there is good reason to consider a managed forex account .

Let’s look at the benefits that forex managed offer clients.

SECURITY -First of all the account is in your own name and your funds are traded at a secure fully regulated ECN/STP brokerage and your money is held at a tier 1 bank. You are the only person with access to withdraw your funds and you have instant access to your funds at any time. Trading is done via an LPOA (Limited power of attorney) and you of course have the ability to revoke the LPOA at any point as well, which means trading will stop immediately on your account. So this set up gives you maximum security and control over your account, which is extremely important.

PERFORMANCE -This company has managed accounts that can achieve consistent returns of around 70% -100% + per year with very low leverage and low draw down. Their flag ship managed account is called Premium FX and it’s worst drawdown to date was approximately -6%. In fact Premium FX has only had 2 red months since inception in March 2009, which we believe is truly exceptional.

*They are one of the few managed account providers that actually provide you with a fully audited track record by a certified CPA, and now it is in its 4th year. This makes them stand out to us.

FEES -The fees for the managed account service are very reasonably priced to the client, and the client only has to pay if results are achieved. The performance fee is set at 35% based on a high water mark. This means that they will only charge you on new profit made each month, which is extremely fair to the client. The performance fee can be reduced based on much larger investments.

The minimum investment is currently at $10,000 USD but is set to go up in the near future, so we would highly recommend you get in at this level if you can.

You can find the main site here:

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