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Wall Street Forex Robot

Looking at the various Forex robot reviews online about the Wall Street Forex Robot, you would think that it was the perfect way to make money. Is it all it's hyped up to be? Find out more about this piece of Forex software in this review.

Profitability: 10/10

Ease of Use: 8/10

Reliability: 10/10

Customer Service: 8/10

Price: $299 or $489 for 3 account licenses

Wall Street Forex Robot Review

This is a robot claims to be able to change its strategy based on market conditions. It is also one of the more expensive expert advisors that is marketed online today. So does it really live up to the hype?

While every piece of Forex software has some pros and cons, this one appears to be one of the few good ones out there...hence the larger price tag. You know the expression...something about "No free lunches." Well, this applies here.

One of the nice things about this product is that you can see many statements and reviews from reputable sources. For example, the My FX Book service has a live account with this robot on it with profitable results. For those of you familiar with Donna Forex, she uses it on her live account (along with two or three other systems out of the thousands available). She has also had good results with it since it has been out.

One of the nice features of this robot is that you do not have to have thousands of dollars to get started. You can start out with $500 or $1000, if that's all you have. You don't have to be Bill Gates Jr. to get started with a Forex robot and make money.

This particular robot is designed to make Forex trading easy. The setup is pretty simple. If you can download and install a file, you can probably set this one up in only a few minutes.

The strategy that this software uses is unlike many of the other expert advisors out there. You're not getting another scalper that only works during the Asian session. It can trade multiple pairs, such as the USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF and EUR/USD. It also trades at different times throughout the day.

The Verdict

If you're interested in a good product, this is definitely one to check out. It is sold on Plimus and you can get a refund if you're not satisfied. While it does have a large price tag compared to some of the other expert advisors out there, it actually works. If you knew something like this worked, wouldn't you be willing to put up $300 bucks to get it? This is one of the most effective software programs that we've come across so far.

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