Forex Secret Trading

Many sellers try to promote Forex secret trading systems as a way to mysteriously siphon money out of the Forex market. Do these products really work like the sellers say they will? In the vast majority of cases, they are mostly hype and short on results.

Sales Letters

These trading products are generally sold with a one page sales letter website. The sales letter has a lot of bold headlines in attractive colors that make shocking claims. For example, "Forex Insider Reveals the True Secrets of the Market." Does anyone really buy this crap?


First of all, let's think about it. If there really was such an "insider" what do they have to gain by telling thousands of people about a secret that they know? Wouldn't they be better off just keeping this knowledge to themselves and getting rich with it?


Secondly, most of these products are sold for a relatively cheap entry price. For example, $97 or $149 for the software or the trading system. If you basically had an ATM that just kept spitting out money (which is what many of these sales letters claim) wouldn't you charge a heck of a lot more for it than $97? I would think something like that would be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. Obviously, even legitimate systems have to keep the price affordable or they would not be able to sell any to the public, but the claims should match up with the price.

Holy Grail

Ultimately, there is not a Forex secret trading method that will always win and can help you go from a $50 account to $1 million in a month. While there are some good systems and Forex software products out there, there is no Holy Grail of the Forex market. We recommend several good products right here on the site, but we will never tell you that there is a "be all, end all" solution to the market.

Regardless of what system you buy, it will take dedication and perseverance if you want it to pay off. The Forex market can provide you with much more money than you could make in most other careers or investments, but it will not solve all of your money problems for you overnight...even if 90% of the sales letters that promote these products would have you believe otherwise.

P.S. We know that even a few of the products we recommend here on the site have some stupid sales letters up as well. All we're saying is, take the claims with a grain of salt. Even if you could get 1/10 of what the letters claim, you could do pretty well for yourself.

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