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Getting Forex signals free can be like taking stock picks from a trained monkey. He's bound to get a few of them right, but he's basically just getting lucky. In a very few cases, you actually get some good signals to trade. Just don't expect to always get something for nothing.

If you'd like to learn more about trading signals in general, check out our Forex trade signals page.

Proceed With Caution

Before you sign up for any Forex signal service that doesn't charge you a dime, you might want to proceed with caution. Think about why they are giving you free signals.

Forex signals free

Typically, they give out signals for a reason. Either they're trying to get you hooked on their signals so that they can charge you a later date or they have some other way to make money off of you. For example, they might try to sell you other trading systems or information products.

When you try out a free signal service, it is also generally good idea to try it out on a demo account before you risk any of your real money. Many of the free services out there are just crap. Plain and simple. They have some guy flipping a coin and then telling you whether to buy or sell. Try the signals out first with fake money and then risk real money. I know from experience.

Good Signals

Although many of the free providers out there are pretty crappy, you can find a few good ones every now and then. When looking for good signals to trade the Forex market with, you want to pay attention to a few things. For instance, check to see if the signal provider has any verifiable results that you can look at. See if the provider has a good reputation in the industry or if he is a wolf in sheeps's clothing just waiting to pounce. Read some of the reviews about the service online and see what other people think.

Here are a few of the decent free signal services I've come across online.


Tradency is a site that allows you to set up an account with one of several brokers. You then choose which Forex signals you want to subscribe to from your account. You can subscribe to as many or as few signal providers as you want. You don't have to pay anything for the signals, but the providers are paid part of the commission that the broker earns. Full review Tradency is here.

DailyFX Plus

DailyFX plus is another good one that puts out signals for free. The catch here is that you have to open an account with FXCM to get the signals. So obviously they're getting a kickback from FXCM as an introducing broker. However, they do offer six different strategies on 12 different currency pairs. The signals are easy to use and DailyFX is a quality outfit.

Smart Forex Signal

Smart Forex Signal is a decent program that has verifiable results out there for you to check out. They have a free program as well as a subscription service that you can pay for. They've got nearly a four out of five star rating on Forex Peace Army and they also allowed FPA to test their signals and post the results. So this is definitely a quality signal provider that you may want to check out.

Moving Forward

Before making the move with a signal provider, make sure to do your homework and start out with a demo Forex account . If you liked this article about getting Forex signals free be sure to share it with your friends through the social networking buttons below and thanks for stopping by.

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