Forex Technical Analysis

Using Forex technical analysis can help you when making trading decisions in the market. While fundamental analysis should not be ignored, many traders rely on technical indicators regularly. Here are a few things to consider about this method of analyzing the Forex markets.

What is Forex Technical Analysis?

This is a method of analyzing the Forex market that involves looking at charts and past pricing information. Individuals who use these methods regularly pull up multiple charts on their computer screens and use Forex indicators to help make their trading decisions.

forex technical analysis

Traders using these methods look at the past pricing information and try to determine what will happen in the future. It's basically like finding patterns in information.

Using It

Many different traders use this to help determine when to get into and out of the market. If you have ever used an expert advisor, you most likely relied on technical factors. Most expert advisors look at price data and use technical indicators to determine when to open and close trades.

If you have used any commercial Forex trading system, it most likely relied on technical indicators as well. Most manual traders put some Forex indicators on their charts and then use them to place trades.

Another method of analyzing the Forex market is fundamental analysis. This is a type of analysis that looks at the underlying causes why prices move. Instead of looking at charts and price data, traders look at factors such as economic announcements and news events. THey look at the economies of countries to determine which currencies will grow stronger.

Forex Indicators

To be successful with technical analysis, you typically need to use some Forex indicators. For example, you may decide to use Bollinger Bands as an indicator to help you. This indicator is readily available on most trading platforms. Once you load it onto your platform, you will see two bands around the price line. When the bands come close together, this tells you that the market has a low amount of volume and not much is going on. The price also tends to bounce back and forth between the bands.

If you were using technical analysis to make your trading decisions, you might decide to place a buy order when you see that the price is near the bottom Bollinger band line.


Keep in mind that technical indicators are not foolproof. Just because something tends to happen frequently, it does not happen every time. If you rely only on technical indicators and ignore fundamentals, you could end up biting the bullet. For example, if you are looking only at technical indicators right before an economic announcement, you have no way of knowing what the market is going to do.


When you are trading in the Forex market, the best approach is typically to combine both of these methods of analyzation. While technical indicators are commonly used, do not forget about the fundamentals. Otherwise, you might be in for an unnecessary surprise.

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