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Forex Harvester 2.0

A Forex trading robot that has received quite a bit of attention lately is the Forex Harvester. This particular piece of Forex software seems to be one of the few quality offerings in the market today. Here are a few things that you can expect when purchasing this piece of software.

We promise that it won't freak out and destroy the city like the picture (at least we really hope not).

Profitability: 9/10

Ease of Use: 10/10

Reliability: 9/10

Customer Service: 10/10

Forex Harvester Review

Forex Harvester 2.0 is a software product that is the follow up to the successful Forex Harvestor program. The first version of this program garnered quite a bit of attention and rightfully so. It actually worked pretty well if you could get it set up right.

A few people had problems getting it setup correctly on their trading platform and it led to some losses. One of the nice features of the new version is that you can simply plug and play. You drag the expert advisor over onto the chart that you want and it starts trading.

With this particular system, you can trade any major currency pair that you want as long as the spreads are good. Well, you could trade any pair, but you may not get any profitable trades if the spreads are not low.

VPS Service

The provider of this EA is also putting together a virtual private server package for customers. This is a nice feature that you can buy with the Forex trading robot. We haven't heard anything about the reliability of the platform yet and we have not tried it.


Talk is cheap, right? You could read Forex Harvester review after review, but unless you see some tangible results, it really doesn't make a difference. Well, luckily, we have some results for you to check out. This is a forward tested account that the developer has been using. So far, the results appear to be pretty good.

The Verdict

We believe this is a good product and if you are looking for a quality offering, this should be one that you check out. There has been a lot of good feedback on the software and there is no reason to believe that this couldn't work for you.

As with any piece of Forex trading software, there will be losses and some problems along the way. However, in the long run, we feel that this one is worth the hassle.

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