India Forex Trading

In India Forex is becoming more popular with one of the fastest-growing populations in the world. While the Rupee is not a major currency in the market, it has been gaining some credibility in recent years. Find out what it's like for traders in India.

Indian Rupee

The native currency in India is the Rupee. This is not considered to be one of the major currencies that makes its way into currency pairs. In the major currency pairs, you will not find this included. In fact, many foreign exchange brokers do not offer the ability to trade the Rupee.

india forex

However, since there are hundreds of brokers out there, several brokers do offer the ability to trade the Rupee. If you live in India, the option to trade your native currency might be particularly attractive. In many cases, you know what is going on your economy better than outsiders and can make better assumptions about it. If this is the case, you can read a broker's Forex quotes to find out if they offer access to the Rupee.

Forex Trading Hours

As with anyone else who trades the market, Indian traders have the ability to trade the market 24 hours per day, 5 days a week. HOwever, because of where they are located, the Asian session is typically the most convenient one to trade. The Asian session goes on close to the working day in India.

Due to this, the JPY and Australian Dollar are also commonly traded currencies in India. As is the case around the world, the United States dollar is still the most commonly traded currency as it currently is considered the reserve currency in the world. India is not one of the most active money exchange locations, but many traders from there still participate in the market.


If you live in India and you want to get involved trading Forex, be careful trading that Rupee. While there is nothing inherently wrong with the currency, it can be volatile when trading against other currencies. This is because of the relatively small volume that is traded. Since many brokers do not offer the Rupee, this makes it difficult for the average trader to gain access to it. Just be careful when trading the Rupee as it can move on you quickly and blow up your account.

Return From India Forex to Forex Market

Return From India Forex to Forex Trading

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