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Forex Trading Institute Review

If you want to learn Forex, the Forex Trading Institute may be something that you are considering. Before signing up for this course, since it is a relatively big investment, you should definitely do your homework. Here are the basics of what you get for the money with this Forex trading school.

Forex Trading Institute

The Forex Trading Institute is a program that is sold by Steve Rising. This program teaches you a trading strategy that he calls Thinslice trading. It is a type of Forex scalping method and it is designed to get small, regular profits out of the market.

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Packages and Costs

This program can be purchased in three different packages at three different price points. The first way that you could choose to get involved is through the Silver package. With the Silver package, the cost is $1245.00. For this investment you get access to the online training center where you can learn the fundamentals of the strategy at your own pace. You also get access to a 5.5 hour online class every month. Every week, they also have 30 minute live online sessions. They also send out a daily analysis of the six major currency pairs and the Forex market overall.

The next level of the program is the Gold program (I know...shocking considering the last level was silver). This one will cost you $2745. How did they come up with the $45 on the end? No idea. For the extra money you get everything that comes with the silver package, with one more feature. You can learn Forex basics with unlimited 1-on-1 support. If you're the type that likes personal guidance, this is a package to consider.

The last level of the program is the Platinum level (where do they come up with this stuff?). To buy the Platinum level program, you'll have to pay $4245.00. In addition to all of the previous features, you get access to a 2 day on-site training class. You also get a 100% money back guarantee.


One of the interesting things about this program is the unbelievable level of positive feedback that it has received. On Forex Peace Army, it has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 as of the time of this writing. When you're dealing with a course that costs thousands of dollars and people are that happy, you're obviously doing something right.

The Verdict

This appears to be a legitimate course that is good at what it offers. If you want to learn how to scalp and make money, this is a course to take a look at. On the downside, it appears to focus only on one method (although it apparently works) and it costs quite a bit.

If you've got the money and you really want to learn how to be profitable in the Forex market, this is a good one to check out. You can definitely learn how to day trade Forex with this information.

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