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Forex Mentor Review

If you want to learn to day trade Forex, you might be considering getting help from the Forex Mentor program. This particular program is based on the teachings of Peter Bain. Here are a few things to consider before getting involved with this particular Forex trading school.

Forex Mentor Review

Forex Mentor is a program that is put together by professional trader and guru Peter Bain. As far as we know, he is of no relation to the villain in Batman (plus that's spelled Bane). According to most sources out there, he seems like a pretty legitimate guy and he actually puts out a quality program.

learn to day trade forex

He has several programs that he has put out over the years. Currently, he has three primary programs on the Forex Mentor website and they are broken up into beginner, intermediate and expert. If you can get past the typos and cheesy marketing on the site, you can find some pretty nice programs.

Beginning Forex Traders Course

The first course that you could try with Forex Mentor is the Beginning Traders course. With this particular class, you learn the basics of the Forex market. This is a home study course and it also provides you with some online interaction. You get some video and audio lessons as well as several study books.

This particular program will set you back $599. While this is a lot of money to invest, it is still a lot cheaper than what you would pay for a seminar or a class at a live Forex trading school.

This is the place to start if you know very little about Forex trading. It shows you how to read charts, shows you some trade setups and even gives you some practical Forex trading systems that you can use to make money.

Developing Traders

After taking the Beginners course, you can get involved with some of the many tools available for developing traders. With these resources, you get a little bit further along in your education. The Live Connect Trading Room is one of the more popular programs in this section of the training. This allows you to get into a live trading room and watch real traders trade.

This program also teaches you a few more advanced techniques such as scalping. You can learn about support and resistance as well as how to develop a trading plan with these programs.

Advanced Training

If you are further along in your trading, you may benefit from the advanced training sections. For example, the Forex Mentor Pro program is one of the resources that are available for professional traders. This program runs $1295 and includes more information than what you will find with the basic programs.

The Verdict

These programs are fairly pricey, but they really are quality pieces of information. Forex Mentor generally has great reviews everywhere you look and most customers who buy are satisfied. If you are looking for a way to learn to day trade Forex, you could do much worse than these programs.

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