Learning to Trade Forex

WDFX Review

When it comes to learning to trade Forex, learning in a hands-on manner is usually the best. WDFX is a service that offers a way for you to learn from experienced traders. This WDFX review will tell you what you need to know when making a decision to subscribe.

WDFX Review

When you want to learn to trade Forex, one of the best ways that you can do so is with an experienced guide watching over you. If you can watch someone else trade for awhile, it helps you to identify profitable opportunities and then pursue them.

learning to trade forex

This is basically what you can expect when you want to learn Forex with the help of WDFX.

Trade Room

The majority of the education from WDFX takes place in a trading room. This is an interactive room that you can get into from your own computer. This is essentially like sitting beside a professional trader while the market is open.

When the trader wants to take a trade, you will immediately see it. You can talk to other people in the room and ask questions about why a trade was taken or avoided.

If you can't afford to hire a professional trader to help you learn Forex trading, this is about the next best thing.

Trade Copier

Besides offering a trade room, WDFX also offers a trade copier service. With this service, if you are not around when a trade goes down, the trade can be automatically copied into your trading account.

WDFX is situated in the United Kingdom and trades during the London session. This means if you happen to reside in the United States and you have trouble staying up all night, this can be a life saver.


The cost for this program is not too bad, but it could be on the high end if you have limited capital to invest. They charge 20 GBP or about $32 per week for the trading room. They also have an additional charge for the trade copier. This means that you have to have a fairly large account before you can break even with the winnings from the trades.

The Verdict

In our opinion, WDFX is a quality outfit that really knows what they are talking about when dealing with Forex. While you may not become wildly rich overnight by using them, you will learn some advanced trading strategies and how to trade manually.

If you cannot make it to the trading room every day or night, using the trade copier can also be a big help. The nice thing about this program is that you can pay by the week which means if you don't like it you're only out a few bucks.

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