Using Metatrader Indicators

Using Metatrader indicators can take your trading to the next level in the Forex market. One of the nice things about this particular platform is that it comes with a variety of indicators that you can use for different things, depending on your trading strategy. They can also make your chart look a lot prettier and help you stay awake when you're staring at the screen for three hours waiting on something to happen.

What Are the Indicators?

One of the most common ways to analyze the Forex market is to use technical analysis. To engage in technical analysis, you have to look at charts. When looking at a chart, the broker shows you a line, indicating what the price has done. You can also customize the chart to show you bars instead of a line, if you'd prefer.

Forex indicators come into the picture when it's time to analyze the chart and figure things out.

metatrader indicators

These indicators are items that are added to the chart to give you a visual representation of data. In combination with the price data, you can then start to make assumptions about where the price of a currency pair is headed. It's like turning on a flashlight when you're in a dark cave looking for a way out. The indicator sheds a little light on the subject and makes it easier for you to make these assumptions.

How to Add Metatrader Indicators

Once you open your Metatrader platform, it's quite easy to add an indicator. You simply open a chart by right-clicking on the currency pair and selecting "Chart Window." At that point, click the "Insert" tab at the top and then select "Indicator." Then, you can go down to a number of options to insert them on your chart.

For example, if you wanted to insert Bollinger Bands on the chart, you simply go down to the "Trend" option and then click on "Bollinger Bands." At that point, the indicator will be inserted onto your chart.

Popular Indicators

When it comes to selecting Metatrader indicators, there are definitely a lot of options to pick from. As I mentioned in the last section, Bollinger Bands are one option you can choose. This indicator puts lines on each side of the price on the chart. Typically, the price bounces back and forth between these lines, so it works as a form of dynamic support and resistance indicator.

Another popular indicator is the MACD or moving average convergence divergence. MACD is a little easier to say. This puts two lines on the bottom of the chart moving up and down. These lines are based on moving average data. When the faster line crosses over the other line, this typically indicates that a trend is forming in that direction.

The parabolic SAR is another one that I like and it can provide you with some good information. This indicator gives you a series of dots below or above the line. This one can help you figure out when a trend is ending. When the dots are above the line, it typically tells you that the price is trending downward. If the price is trending upwards, you'll usually see the dots below the line. If the dots switch to the other side, this is a good indicator that the market is changing directions.

Analyzing the Indicators

Even though these indicators can be useful when trying to analyze the Forex market, they are not the only thing that you need to pay attention to. No indicator can tell you what's going to happen during a big economic news announcements, so you still need to pay attention to Forex Factory or a similar site.

Indicators can also be wrong. If they were foolproof, every trader would make millions of dollars in the Forex market. Although that's what most gurus would have you believe, that's not very realistic. Any time you use an indicator, just keep in mind that they are subject to error. They should only be used as general guidelines. If you're new to Metatrader, you're not alone. It can be a bit confusing at first, but you can figure it out and figure out how to be successful as a trader. Just check out our Metatrader section which can help you get the information you need to be successful. Thanks for stopping by Forex Trading Rookie and if you enjoyed this article about Metatrader indicators, feel free to share this page with your friends by using the social networking buttons below.

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