Real Time Forex Quotes

These real time Forex quotes will help you see what is going on in the foreign exchange market so that you can make trading decisions quickly. Below you'll see the latest Forex currency pair quotes and an explanation of how to read them.

How to Read

When looking at this type of information, you must know how to interpret it. In the chart, you'll see a list of Forex currency pairs such as the EUR/USD and the USD/JPY. Then next to the currency pair, you'll see the bid and the ask price.

The bid price tells you exactly the point at which traders in the market are ready to buy. If you're selling a currency pair, this is the price you'll get. The ask price is the price at which the market is asking when selling currency pairs. If you want to buy, this the price at which you can get the pair.

The difference between the two prices represents the spread on the pair. In times of high volatility, the broker will often increase the spread to compensate for the extra risk.

Using the Quotes

When you trade in the Forex market, it does not matter if you are using the best Forex trading system in the world, you still have to know what you're doing. Unless you happen to use eToro as your broker, this should only be used for basic informational purposes. Every broker has its own exact quotes and they will differ from one broker to the next.

You need to look at the foreign exchange quotes from the broker that you are using before getting into a trade. This resource can be handy if you only want to see what currency pairs are doing or if you do not have access to your trading platform at the moment.

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