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The Surefire Forex Trading challenge is a relatively well-known contest in the Forex market. It is a program created and marketed by trader Mark McRea. He markets a few different products under this name, but the primary item referred to as Surefire is the trading contest. Here are the basics of the contest and the products they put out from them.

Trading Challenge

The essence of this program is the trading challenge. They have these trading challenges periodically in which regular traders can enter and trade their own Forex trading systems. The results are tracked in real time and displayed for everyone to see. The top traders in the challenge get a prize and they have to disclose exactly how they traded their accounts.

surefire forex trading

If you do well, you get to trade a live account funded by the challenge. The winners can get some pretty big money for doing well, without even having to risk their own money.

If you know what you're doing in the Forex market, you may want to consider entering one of these contests at some point. They can be profitable and a good way to get some capital to trade with.


After the Surefire Forex trading challenge is completed, they usually release a compilation of the top systems as an information product. If you pay the fee for the product, you get details on all of the winning systems. The traders who created the systems outline all of the rules for entry and exit points.

With this option, you can usually find some pretty good systems to implement into your own arsenal. They come from real traders and not "gurus" who are professional marketers.

Library of Resources

In many cases, those who buy the information product will also get access to a library of resources produced by Mark McRae. The library has a wealth of information ranging from Forex basics to more complex topics. Much of the information is nothing groundbreaking and you could probably get for free right here on the site.

The Verdict

I have actually purchased the information product after one of the trading challenges in the past. The systems were pretty clear cut and spelled out for anyone to use. Typically, everyone is interested in that one awesome system that made thousands of pips in a matter of a few weeks.

However, if you are considering buying this product, keep in mind that the results can vary. The trading contest typically only lasts for a few weeks and it can be difficult to gauge the success of a product in that amount of time.

If you do pony up the cash to buy the product, try out the systems on your demo account before risking any money. You never really know how a system is going to work until you try it yourself. Regardless of how much money some other guy made with the same system, you need to practice a bit.

Overall, I think Mark McRae is a reputable trader and really knows what he is doing. Some of the resources he puts out are very helpful and can be useful for rookies. Most of the time, they have a money-back guarantee that you can exercise if you're not happy also.

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