Teach Me to Trade Forex

If you're one of those people saying "teach me to trade Forex," there are several resources you could use to get ahead in the game of foreign exchange. You could try to learn how to trade by taking a class, reading a book, taking a seminar or asking your local stock broker to give you some tips.

The first three options might actually work, but your broker probably will not be able to help you. They tend to work on commission and focus on selling stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Personally, I think the best options for you to consider if you want to learn how to trade Forex are to take classes or to read Forex books. There are a number of courses that you could take which will take you from Forex nobody to professional trader over a period of tie. For example, here's the top course that I recommend if you really want a comprehensive course to take you by the hand and show you everything that you need to know.

Forex Books

If you're more of a learn-it-yourself kind of person, another good option for you consider is reading some quality Forex books. There are a lot of great books out there for you to read, but some of the books really don't have the best Forex information in them.

teach me to trade forex

If you really want to learn how to make it big, you need to find the best books available in the market.

I would personally recommend checking out two different booksthat you can use to further your trading education. The first book is called "Beat the Forex Dealer: An insider's look into trading today's foreign exchange market" and it is written by Agustin Silvani.

The basic idea behind this book is that the game is stacked against you and brokers are pretty unscrupulous when it comes to taking advantage of traders. This is true and the book outlines some great strategies that you can use to make money even though brokers are trying to take every last dollar you have.

The other book I would recommend is called

teach me to trade forex 2

"How the market makers extract millions of dollars a day & How to grab your share" by Martin Cole. This is another really good book about how the Forex market is highly influenced by the major players such as the investment banks and dealers. It also shows you how to get a portion of the money that flows through the markets every day.

The underlying theme behind both of these books is that the game is rigged in favor of the big boys, but you can still do well if you're willing to accept that and use the proper strategies. For those screaming "teach me to trade Forex!" here's your ticket.

If you want to check out both of these books and get your own copy, use the Amazon search box right here on the page. Just search for either "How the market makers extract millions of dollars a day & How to grab your share" or "Beat the Forex Dealer: An insider's look into trading today's foreign exchange market." The first book is available in a Kindle download for less than $10, so you can really get a lot of good info for little to nothing.

Putting the Pieces Together

In reality, no single book is going to make you an expert on the Forex market. You have to continually pick up bits and pieces of information from many different sources (hopefully from Forex Trading Rookie) and implement them in your trading plan. As you continue to grow, you can slowly but surely improve your trading and become a professional Forex trader. If you enjoyed this article about "Teach Me To Trade Forex" please feel free to share it with your friends through the social networking buttons below.

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